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02/07/2020 - Milano, Italy

Berlin Packaging successfully integrates Vidrimon and Vidremar: Bruni Glass Iberia is officially launched.

Il The global packaging giant will operate in the Spanish and Portuguese markets as a single legal entity. The two companies are merging with the Bruni Glass organisation, and will officially be known as Bruni Glass Iberia, a Berlin Packaging Company.

MILAN, 2 July 2020 – Berlin Packaging, leading supplier of glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures, announces the successful integration of Vidrimon S.L. and Vidremar S.L. into the Bruni Glass organisation.
From this date, the two companies will officially be known as Bruni Glass Iberia, a Berlin Packaging Company, and will continue to operate through this brand as a single commercial and legal entity in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

The integration of the two companies into Bruni Glass Iberia strengthens the Group’s position as the leading distributor of packaging in Europe, and enables it to further consolidate its presence in the valuable Spanish market, counting on a local team of over 40 employees and aiming at a total turnover of around 40 million Euro in 2020.

“We are extremely satisfied at having accomplished a strategic operation that will bring obvious benefits for all our stakeholders” – said Paolo Recrosio, CEO of Berlin Packaging Europe. “Today marks an important result in the history of a constantly growing Group, which not only has the aim of continuing to be the biggest distributor of packaging in the world, but also the desire to be an increasingly distinguished contact for all our clients, suppliers and partners operating in Spain and Portugal as in rest of the world”.

The Group's presence in the Spanish markets was established in September 2015, with the launch of Bruni Glass Vidremar, a company that boasts a 25-year history in the distribution of glass bottles, mainly in the spirits sector, as well as a solid presence in the wine, beer, food and gourmet sectors.

"Our sales growth in the Iberian Peninsula is for the fifth consecutive year in double figures”, said Luis and Roberto Martí, former owners of Vidremar, "The merge with Bruni Glass has allowed us to continue to grow over the years in this market with enormous potential. From today we will have an even greater boost, expanding our offer thanks to the integration with Vidrimon, one of the main suppliers of olive oil bottles in Southern Europe".

As part of their programme of expansion in Europe, in October 2019 Bruni Glass successfully acquired Vidrimon, a company with many years of sustained organic growth in the glass bottle sector under its belt.

“We have been operating in the Spanish market for nearly 40 years, distributing glass bottles for olive oil”, said Rafael and Manuel Jordano, former owners of Vidrimon. “The peninsula has enormous potential: suffice it to say that Spain, which recorded its highest ever oil production in 2019, is the world’s number one producer, today accounting for 56% of production, while Portugal is the fourth European country. Operating as a single Group will give us the opportunity to operate with even greater dynamism, flexibility and quality, which in turn will allow us to gain new shares in the market and diversify our range, focusing on the entire range of products distributed by the Group”.

All the Bruni Glass Vidremar and Bruni Glass Vidrimon staff and buildings will officially become part of the Berlin Group. The company will retain the sites in Montilla, in the heart of Andalusia, and in Montaverner, near Valencia. Moreover, Bruni Glass Iberia will be able to count on a network of logistics warehouses located at the most strategic sites in Spain, as well as a commercial office in Barcelona.

Berlin Packaging
Berlin Packaging isa company valued at 2.6 billion dollars and is the only Hybrid Packaging Supplier® specialising in the supply of rigid packaging and of services dedicated to clients of all kinds, in all industrial sectors, in the world. Besides Vidrimon, in 2019 the company also acquired strategic sites in France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Over the years, the Group has expanded its global presence, which includes over 110 sites in North America, the Bruni Glass division, whose headquarters are in Milan, Italy, and the Bruni Erben division, whose headquarters are in Hadleigh, England, and is also operational in China and South Africa. Every year, the company supplies clients in every sector with billions of articles, together with services ranging from design and planning, to financing, consultancy, warehousing and logistics.
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Bruni Glass, a Berlin Packaging Company
Bruni Glass, the main packaging distributor in Europe, boasts more than 40 years' experience in the supply of special containers in high-quality glass for wine, beer, and spirits, as well as food and gourmet products. The company, which has headquarters in Italy and subsidiaries throughout Europe, offers thousands of custom products and standard articles. Bruni boasts a global design and planning studio, a network of top-quality production partners, and a team dedicated to inspiring and satisfying its clients, as well as possessing the independent Italian quality of company management systems certification, CISQ-IMQ, based on ISO 9001 standards. 
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