20/11/2020 - Paggeo - Greece

The winner of the Bruni Glass Design Award 2019, the Elenie bottle inspired the newest product by Agriston in elegance and singularity

A product that makes excellence its strong point, a new company that passionately brings innovation and cutting-edge production techniques to the market, a high-quality brand ready to win over consumers from all over the globe. This is Agriston, the brand that has recently sprung up from the olive groves and untouched nature of Greece, which is launching its prestigious and aromatic olive oil on the market.

We have talked with the company’s co-owners that explained why their product represents a true development in the olive growing world. They told us that Agriston is born from just the right combination of technological innovation and know-how. Following years of experience in the sector, travelling across the world, they decided to create their brand, contributing all our expertise and knowledge acquired in recent years to the new project. Their machines rely on the most modern and innovative technology used in olive oil production: in fact, thanks a special technique, the product is processed while greatly reducing contamination caused by contact between the oil and oxygen, guaranteeing a starkly superior quality to any other product that does not use this particular process. An olive oil like theirs is hard to come by in the Mediterranean countries.

The launch, expected by Christmas, will be able to count on packaging designed and manufactured specifically to bring out the exceptional characteristics of Agriston: “We have placed all our trust in Bruni Glass to develop the glass packaging”, confirms the Agriston team. “We set our sights on Bruni because it is now the largest glass distributor in Europe and I must say the decision proved to be an immediate winner. The consultancy offered by the team was decisive in defining the most suitable packaging”.

The bottle used is inspired by Elenie, the winning design of the Bruni Glass Design Award 2019, created by a student from the University of Münster, Katharina Seizew. An accomplishment for the competition itself, which also in its most recent edition, successfully brought forth exciting glass forms capable of achieving significant success on the market.

The Agriston team could not be more satisfied with the finished product: “Italians are unrivalled when it comes to design. In particular, this sector has always held a certain fascination for Milan, so we couldn’t not trust in the taste and style of Made in Italy to develop such an ambitious design. And with the Elenie bottle, a major feat has been accomplished, recreating exclusive and elegant packaging, in a way so few can”.