An Dúlamán: an inspiring packaging for the “Gin of the sea”

24/02/2020 - Norwich - UK

The partnership between Bruni Glass and Sliabh Liag Distillers has led to the creation of the An Dúlamán Gin bottle, one of the most incredible packaging conceived for the gin market.

A fascinating packaging for a unique product, the first gin distilled in Donegal County is the An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin by Sliabh Liag Distillers.
Dúlamán is the name of an Irish folk song which talks about a conversation between two seaweed collectors. This “Gin of the sea” takes inspiration from the bottles found along the Donegal coast during the wrecks of the Spanish Armada and it is made of five different Irish seaweeds that give to this original spirit a saline, maritime flavor enhanced by a touch of citrus, pepper and violet. This is the perfect mix to celebrate the beautiful Irish coasts. A dive into history that smells of seascapes and tradition.

The owners of Sliabh Liag were searching for a bottle that could give the right interpretation to all these suggestions and the Nocturne Carré by Bruni Glass turned out to be the best solution to deliver their message. The whole packaging is an anthem to the beauty of homelands, thanks to an innovative glass shape that stands out on the market with an impressive touch of uniqueness: the wax seal with Celtic lettering and the batch number are linked to the lunar phases.

Moira Doherty, Gin Distiller Director and its co-founder and husband James, explain the entire development of the project: <<We chose Nocturne Carré for our product because its shape is quite unusual in the gin world. It is a modern interpretation of history, where the shape is evocative of the ancient Spanish wrecks given in a contemporary key. We started working on the project on August 2017 and a year later it went into production. >>

Moira and James, after many years working together around the world, put all their passion and commitment in the production of a great gin that takes inspiration from the distilling heritage of Donegal and from the rugged and wild Irish landscape with its great Celtic past.

That’s why the choice of the right packaging was a key issue for them. Moira and James talked about the strong cooperation they had with Bruni Glass: <<working with Bruni has been fantastic. We found a friendly and also affective partners that developed with us the whole project at the speed of light, responding quickly to all our requests>>.
A special thanks goes to Leonardo Stefanelli, Market & Product Intelligence Manager of Bruni Glass, who made all this possible. The fruitful collaboration with Sliabh Liag Distillers is just a starting point of a great collaboration that Bruni Glass is proud to keep alive, hoping to develop many other thrilling projects with the them in the future.