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Birra Malt lands in the U.S.A.

07/12/2018 - Udine - Italia

It is called Basei and in a few months it is achieving the interest of Italian beer enthusiasts and beyond. We are talking about the delicious craft beer produced in the Latisana (Ud) brewery that is delighting the most refined palates and will soon land in the United States.


When we talk about quality we must pay particular attention to the packaging because the consumer first chooses with his eyes and appreciates only later the genuineness and the goodness of the content.


That’s why Giuseppe Ciutto has done a thorough research before choosing the right bottle for his beer. Bruni Glass's "Malt beer" has beaten the other glass bottles thanks to its rounded shape and the small size that allows an easier placement in the fridges. There aren’t any other beers with a similar shape on the market. Its unique nature seems also perfect for the kind of live, unfiltered and unpasteurized product.


Fulvia Ratti, Sales Manager at Bruni Glass, says about the choice of the bottle: "The brewery was particularly impressed by the possibility of having a 0.33 cl bottle with a TC 29 finish, a combination not easy to find on the market. The advantage of this is the possibility to close the bottle with corks, which is very useful during the tasting phase as the customer can taste the beer and the bottle won’t be wasted once opened. Basei has also made mini tasting glasses (180 ml) designed for tastings.


For this and many other reasons, Basei beer is unique and will continue to stand out thanks to the original phosphorescent label that is resistant to water and therefore to ice. Its original character has allowed this excellent product to spread among the Italian beaches last summer. Many people remember the ball full of ice with the 7 Basei beers inside.