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22/06/2020 - Nice - France

Four French companies, united by their strong bond with tradition and packaging which enhances their qualities

France is a symbol of history, culture, and refined gastronomy. A land rich in quality and tradition, always searching for perfection and excellence in any creation. Working alongside French companies to supply packaging designed and manufactured for premium food and wine products has been a paramount challenge for Bruni Glass. For many years, our French division partnered with key companies, and became a hallmark for extraordinary projects that combine perfectly with local best food, wine, or spirits.
We want to tell the story of four companies producing different products but connected by a strong regional bond and high-quality raw materials. Each of these products is enhanced by an original container that communicates the main content features: quality, tradition, and uniqueness. This challenging but necessary packaging work interprets the product’s values and exalts them so they can seduce the consumer at a glance.

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Recognised by many as a paradise of delights, Le Comptoir de Mathilde is a lively company founded in Drôme Provençal, at the end of 2007, by Richard Fournier who then opened his first shop in Nyons with his wife. What was initially a simple chocolate shop, in the French food scene, gradually evolved, devoting itself to the production of diversified delicatessen products such as vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and specialist liqueurs. All of this was carried out inside its 3200 sqm factory.
Inspired by his grandmother Mathilde, the company’s creator, Richard Fournier, wanted to provide consumers with the simple, tasty and genuine snacks of yesteryear while keeping the old French craftsmanship alive. Richard chose customised and creative packaging to bring traditional food into modern life. This approach was the starting point for the work carried out by Bruni Glass, whose primary objective was to express these concepts by designing customised glass containers. The Provençal company Marketing Manager Estelle Faucher said: "The jar we use for our pâte à tartiner came from a technical and aesthetic need. We wanted to make our filling operations easier. We needed a design that could facilitate the management of the entire packaging phase, while simultaneously revising the historically significant jar to become an atheistically pleasing new container. This was not a revolution, but an evolution into an elegant packaging, where embossing our name became the customisation’s maximum expression. The pâte à tartiner entered production between August and September 2018 and was our collection’s flagship. After the Maison et Objet exhibition in Paris, we built out marketing around this beautiful product."


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Les Rhums de Ced, a dynamic company, based in Saint Hilaire de Chaléons, founded in 2011 and made successful by Cédric Brement, was created to resurrect the ancient tradition of Punch. This desire was inspired by the craftsmanship typical of the French Antilles where rum was the base for fruit maceration. Since childhood, Cédric wanted to keep alive the memory of his grandfather who passionately prepared his personal Ti Punch recipe for every family reunion. It was a sacred and family moment that never stopped inspiring Cédric. There is a comprehensive product range of "liqueurs for all tastes" among which we find the internationally award-winning Ti Arrangés de Ced range with its whimsical, refined flavours such as "Banana and Cocoa", "Kumquat and Coffee" and "Apple and Ginger." Les Rhums de Ced provides an increasingly aromatic and artisan tasting experience that evokes the charm and conviviality of past flavours.
The French company Communication and Marketing Manager Arnaud Bonnet underlines the importance of packaging for a product that likes to focus on originality: "The Nocturne bottle choice was guided by a desire to highlight the fruit inside the liqueur. Its gently rounded shape is perfect for highlighting the product inside, and its special aesthetic features are well suited to this type of liqueur. We have been working with Bruni Glass for ten years, creating projects of exceptional beauty, thanks to the excellent relationship based on the mutual trust established over time. We must thank Bruni Glass France Sales Manager Matteo Vitale, who has accompanied us along the way, following each step to find the solution that could best meet our needs."


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Always at the crossroads of trends, cultures, and influences rich in creative energy, Paris transmits its immense charm onto everything created within its borders. It was from this creative energy that the Parisian company Distillerie de Paris was founded and developed with its inspired and original products. Established on 22 January 2015, Paris’ first legal distillery produces a multitude of distillates including Gin, Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Agave, Maple, Vodka, Sake, in limited editions. In the lively tenth "arrondissement", where underground and multicultural influences manage to express themselves at their best, the Distillerie de Paris boutique is a genuine laboratory of ideas, dedicated to different types and compositions of distillates.
Distillery Founders, owners and brothers, Sébastien and Nicolas Julhès, have learned by experience to select the ingredients they use today in their production to create high-quality spirits without being restricted by cultural or regional constraints. The American artisanal distillation influence has been decisive for a company whose primary objective has been focusing on innovation. Nicolas Julhès said, of the Vecchia Farmacia bottle used for some of their products: "We needed to use an extremely light container that could help transport and logistics. With its minimalist and plain style, the bottle is elegant and sophisticated. We had an excellent relationship with Bruni Glass and its Area Manager Olivier Burgy, who was always available to help us create the perfect packaging for many of our products. The Vecchia Farmacia charm impressed us and gave life to a truly sensational product."


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Au Pays du Citron is a family story of a passion for the Lemon of Menton. In the shop-laboratory in the heart of the famous "Pearl of France," Sonia and Fabrice Puech use a lemon unique to the Maritime Alps to make exciting gastronomic creations from secret ancestral recipes. They created "Limoncello al Limone di Mentone", (Menton Lemon Limoncello), an exceptional product with an unmistakable citrus aroma. They produce other lemon-based creations such as jam, olive oil, sweet, and other liqueurs. Inspired daily by his great-grandfather, Fabrice is a great connoisseur and lemon grower, owner of some land on Menton heights. The area was completely rebuilt after the terrible winter of 1956, and today it is cultivated with love by passionate producers who are mad about "Citron de Menton". Today, Au Pays du Citron sells its 200 products to 60,000 customers yearly and has opened two new shops in Cannes and Lyon. This success was rewarded by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has awarded the company with the Tourism Quality label. It is the only state recognition offered to tourism professionals for the quality of their reception and services. Fabrice Puech explained how important packaging was to launch his product: "The 540 bottle we use for limoncello has a modern and original shape which is hard to source on the market. The bottle’s charming aesthetic appearance is a crucial aspect which enhances the genuineness and uniqueness of our liqueur. We developed a positive and profitable relationship with Bruni Glass and its always available Area Manager, Andrea Brondi. The company’s reliability in meeting established delivery times was crucial. We want to thank Bruni Glass for the way it handled the Covid-19 emergency and for being close to us during such a difficult time."