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11/05/2020 - Milano - Italy

An all-Italian story of style, culture and tradition

Every day, Bruni Glass works alongside companies that pour their heart and soul into producing outstanding products. The appeal of Made in Italy, recognised and acclaimed worldwide, never ceases to amaze through the many masterpieces offered by our country and the know-how of companies with hundred-year-old history. At such a complicated and challenging time as the current one, we want to tell you about a small part of the outstanding, world-renowned food and wine history of our country. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all these amazing businesses and to all the companies with whom we work!

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Luxardo is the historic inventor of “Rosolio Maraschino”. The business started in 1821, the year in which a liqueur, that was very popular in the Middle Ages, was created near the coast of Dalmatia, and the Emperor of Austria granted Luxardo the privilege of exclusive production for fifteen years. The “Privilegiata Fabbrica Maraschino Excelsior Girolamo Luxardo”, as the company is called, has been producing this outstanding liqueur for over two hundred years and, after many trials and tribulations, has succeeded in retaining the same know-how, from one generation to the next, along with the passion and enthusiasm that have been the hallmark of the founders since the nineteenth century. The company exports its high-quality spirits to over eighty-three different countries thanks to the hard work of the sixth and seventh generation of the Luxardo family which still excels in the production of the world-renowned Maraschino liqueur. Giorgio Luxardo, Board Member of the Veneto-based company, tells us about the development of the packaging dedicated to the historic Maraschino. “We have been working with Bruni Glass for over twenty years for the supply of design glass bottles. In 2001, we chose the SIN-TESI bottle, presented during the Bruni Glass Design Award (known as Progetto Millennio back then), as packaging for our Amaretto. We have fond memories of this bottle which we had developed in all the sizes. Afterwards, we fell in love with the “Renana” bottle which we used for our limoncello. And then, there is our flagship product: Maraschino which comes in a glass bottle, based on the same bottle from two hundred years ago, but revamped in a modern key. We hold Bruni Glass in high regard for one exceptional quality: no frills and plenty of efficiency in providing customer service and support.”

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Callipo’s history is an age-old one centred around the sea. Founded in Pizzo (VV) in 1913 by Giacinto Callipo, the Calabrian company is one of the leader producers in Italy of high-quality Mediterranean canned tuna. The company is now led with the same passion and foresight as it was in the past by Filippo Callipo, the Sole Administrator, assisted by his sons Giacinto and Filippo Maria who continue the legacy and represent the fifth generation in the family. Quality is the first word one associates with Callipo: the cleaning and selection of the tuna steaks have always been performed manually by highly skilled experts as has the task of placing the tuna in the jars, again by hand, using only the best steaks. Andrea Massa, Callipo’s Marketing Manager, emphasized the importance of packaging for the Calabrian company’s products. “We started using glass in 1994 and we were the first company in the sector to do so. Since then, we have endeavoured to associate a specific, signature packaging with every product line. With the help of Bruni Glass, we have been able to use an elegant, top-quality, sophisticated jar which is perfect for our high-end product line known as “Dalla Nostra Terra”. What we appreciate above all about Bruni Glass now is the efficiency, constructive approach and punctuality in deliveries.”

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Jimmy Tartufi, a company, that has been producing the highly prized Italian truffle since the 1980s, is located in the heart of an unspoilt area, surrounded by the perfumes of the Umbria countryside. The truffles are purchased directly from expert truffle hunters in central Italy, always based on the critical aspects of seasonality and climate conditions and they are sold both whole and as the base for sauces and spreads. Jimmy Tartufi only uses Bruni Glass jars for all its products. We talked to the company’s owner, Andrea Cecchini, about this choice. “Thanks to the excellent relationship we have built up with Bruni Glass, based above all on mutual trust, we have opted for a wide and diversified supply of glass jars suited to all our products. We have about fifty different products, so we needed a supplier that could offer us a wide range of different choices which met specific requirements.”

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Founded in 1996, the Castagner Distillery is one of the most well-known and acclaimed Italian companies internationally. Its famous grappa is produced among the magnificent hills of Prosecco Conegliano – Valdobbiadene in the Veneto region thanks to the inspiration and passion of its founder, Roberto Castagner. This is one of the most avant-garde and innovative facilities in the area which uses cutting-edge technological systems to enhance the tradition of a region steeped in history. Constant research, attention to details and the desire to improve are the values which form the cornerstone of the business of the Veneto-based company. We spoke to the Master Distiller, Roberto Castagner, the driving force behind the company to understand which packaging choice lies behind a sophisticated product intended for true connoisseurs only. “All our decisions around packaging are driven by an international brand concept. This is a high-quality product, the symbol of Italian excellence, which is then marketed based on the culture of the reference country. The aim is to communicate the Italian style of beauty, elegance and sophistication through the glass bottle. So, together with Bruni Glass, we conceived a revolutionary concept designed for our grappa which could convey the idea of a high-quality spirit, a symbol of Made in Italy, worldwide. The support provided by Bruni Glass was also fundamental for the speed with which we completed the project.” The Master Distiller is now joined by his nephew, Carlo and daughters Giulia and Silvia who support him in developing the company with same passion and dedication.The Castagner Distillery also figured among the outstanding Made in Italy products chosen by the Forbes magazine for the first edition of the guide to the “100 eccellenze italiane 2020”, presented on January 27 in Rome.

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The lush, luxuriant vegetation of the Lazio region finds its ultimate expression in the superb products cultivated and packaged by Molino 7cento. Passion, dedication and absolute reliability are the signature feature of this excellent business located in Cori in the province of Latina, which aims to produce healthy, genuine products which are free from chemical pesticides. Respect for nature and consumers and the exchange network with local producers of outstanding products are among the most prized features of the Lazio-based company which now successfully produces widely acclaimed oil, wine and other products. Giovanna Cunetta, marketing manager for Molino 7cento, told us about the communication work behind the launch of these amazing products on the market. “We developed graphics dedicated to each range which embraced the values of our company. So, the packaging was adapted to this concept, culminating in the creation of the final product which is widely recognised. We opted for unusual designer bottles which recall the essence of our brand communication through the shape and the screen printing. As for the choice of glass instead of tin, the decision is in line with the company’s philosophy committed to respecting the environment and the territory. Working with Bruni Glass was very important for us especially in the choice of the right bottle based on the specific techniques and the requirements of each product.” We remember with great pleasure the important milestone reached last year when Molino 7cento was placed fifteenth among the best 500 oils in the world according to Flos Olei 2019 which, now in its tenth edition, is considered the most important sector-based international publication.



We have gone back to Calabria to recount the hundred-year-old story of the “Liquore Moliterno”, a product first produced in Altomonte in the province of Cosenza which still employs the age-old methods of maceration and infusion through the use of spices, flavourings and essences of citrus fruit and locally grown herbs. There is a vast range of unique products which revive the ancient and fascinating history of times gone by. Brought to life by the brothers, Cesare Francesco and Giulio Sciarra who proudly carry on the business founded by their maternal grandfather, Carlo Moliterno, in 1933. The company museum, recreated inside the factory, showcases the main stages of the production of wines and spirits in the Pollino mountains, as well as revealing the main characteristics of the rural and artisan culture of the Cosenza region. Set up in 2003, the museum also features areas where you can taste and purchase the products. Giulio Sciarra talks to us about the family business. “We still continue to use the artisan methods based on the age-old tradition linked to our district, only using natural products according to the season. Over the last few years, we have set up our own museum to pass down the ancient art of Calabrian liqueur to future generations located in the ancient tourist centre of Altomonte. The bottle developed with Bruni Glass for this liqueur is the embodiment of all these values: a unique and instantly recognisable glass shape linked to the history and tradition of our area. Even the label is a strong reminder of the area, featuring the church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, one of the most important representations of gothic art in our region.”