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M&H WHISKY DISTILLERY: The free spirit of packaging, under the Tel Aviv sun

03/08/2020 - Tel Aviv - Israel

M&H Distillery has unveiled its first Single Malt Whisky, embellished with innovative and original packaging.

M&H Whisky Distillery launched its first Single Malt Whisky using a premium packaging, made in partnership with Bruni Glass. While keeping to the Scottish-inspired tradition, the Israeli climate gives the distillate a perfect mix of warm, round, delicate flavours and spicy scents which makes it lighter and more balanced.

M&H is an urban distillery in the heart of one of Tel Aviv’s liveliest neighbourhoods. Nurtured by a passion for innovation and the link with the Israeli artisan tradition, the environment shapes high-quality original products with values skilfully expressed by packaging designed down to the smallest detail.

The Whisky’s rapid maturation is due to the ideal temperate Israeli climate and provides M&H Distillery with a considerable advantage. The Distillery has been creating innovative products that preserve traditional Scottish distillation techniques since 2012. The perfect balance between old and modern create a unique whisky with an extremely distinctive character.

Tel Aviv company Marketing Director Dana Baran said: "Our product is the result of a centuries-old knowledge of distillation techniques that are enhanced and refreshed by a modern and innovative approach. The bottle’s design represents this balance. The neck and shoulder are the traditional shapes, while the body is purely innovative with its unique profile. This bottle magnificently represents our identity and has developed from our packaging idea into the creation of a unique product. Bruni Glass New Projects Development Engineer Giuseppe Pinna played a vital role in the project."

M&H Distillery has always searched for absolute perfection. This includes the selection of ingredients, quality control, and packaging designing - every production phase of this Whisky shows the constant commitment and meticulous attention to the smallest details. This feature makes M&H successful.