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02/02/2021 - Bolney, West Sussex- UK

The newest high-quality white rum intrigues enthusiasts with its fresh and original packaging

Mad City Botanical Rum is the third spirit launched by Foxhole Spirits, a new British company that since 2016 has used surplus production materials, from sustainable sources, to create spirits of great value.

Its vibrant and innovative premium white rum was introduced to the market on 23 July 2020. Its mix combines four Fairtrade certified rums from Jamaica, Guyana, Dominican Republic and Barbados and uses 25 botanicals, all obtained sustainably.

The packaging chosen for this high-end product is the Pacho bottle designed by the Bruni Glass Innovation Center, enriched with a captivating graffiti-style label and gold closure, all using an entirely eco-friendly method.

We spoke with James Oag-Cooper, Co-founder and Managing Director of Foxhole Spirits, to find out more: “Our Botanical Rum was created from the desire to place the quality of the products used above all else. We have created an extremely high-quality spirit whose unique flavour is given by botanicals, without this compromising the white rum taste. In this sense, Pacho is the perfect packaging for our rum because of its premium bottle characteristics and elegant taste, not to mention its great versatility in adapting to different styles and moods”.

The bottle label was designed by Sled-One, a Bristol-based street artist who shares his roots with James Oag-Cooper. The Art Deco style creativity draws inspiration from two areas of Bristol, Stokes Croft and St Paul's, and represents the dynamism and madness of the city.

This is what James had to say: “Our mission has always been to tell a story through the product. In this case, we wanted to portray our spirit while remembering that we associate rum especially with fun, socialising and the desire to dance and listen to good music with friends. Mad City is the madness of city nights, it’s Bristol with its frenetic desire for fun, it’s any city in the world that embodies this changing and eclectic spirit”.

James signed off with a dedication to the teamwho worked on the packaging project: “Thanks to the Bruni Erben team and their constant support we managed to identify a designer container that most successfully exalted the premium and innovative character of our product. It was fantastic working with them”.

The Innovation Center is the division of Bruni Glass recognised internationally as a centre of excellence for the study and research of new design and decoration solutions in the world of glass containers. The division is formed of a team of engineers and designers who work in close contact with the network of manufacturers and partners and collaborate with customers to interpret and bring their ideas to life.

A leader in the supply of glass and closures for the spirits, food and home fragrances market, Bruni Erben was founded in 1951. The company boasts a wide catalogue of items in stock and with Bruni Glass forms part of Berlin Packaging, an American multinational that now represents the world’s largest supplier of hybrid packaging.