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15/01/2020 - Perugia - Italy

A superior quality olive oil MUSIVUM: our Oliena for the excellence of the Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Musivum, from the Latin "mosaic", is the name chosen by the brothers Piergiorgio and Francesco Marconi for their extra virgin olive oil. A tribute to the great tradition of the Umbrian lands where this product was born and where olive-growing techniques reached its maximum development with Roman civilization thousands of years ago.

Launched on the market in October 2018, Musivum oil is the result of the great passion of the Marconi brothers who commit themselves day after day to the growth of the family business.

Piergiorgio Marconi explains how much the choice of packaging for this product has been important: << Tradition, quality, and product guarantee are the pieces that give shape to the logo forming a mosaic. After studying a customized label that reflect these values, we turned to Bruni Glass for the choice of the bottle. Oliena - continues Marconi - has proven to be the most suitable shape for our oil because of its unique characteristics that make it different from other bottles. Its surface is extremely easy to label and its silhouette covers the product with elegance and simplicity >>.

The commitment and assistance provided by the Sales Department of Bruni Glass Centro Sud has thus responded to the needs of the Italian company, managing to enhance a product that combines tradition, quality, respect for the environment and product guarantee in a real work of art.

Oliena is a high-end glass bottle with a linear and slender shape that adds refinement to any product and is well suited to products that want to stand out on the market with an innovative packaging. The bottle is also equipped with a "top" finish that makes refilling impossible preserving the freshness of the content. Furthermore, the large labeling surface is designed for an easier dressing of the container.