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Olithea premium olive oil into the Gardi bottle

18/04/2019 - Corfù - Greece

Gardi bottle lands in Corfu for a premium extra virgin olive oil.

A family business started three years ago, the high quality of a genuine extra virgin oil, the beautiful landscape of Corfu island. Olithea is a company that carries out its work with passion and dedication preserving the same values since its foundation: respect for tradition, for nature and for the consumer.

Nikos Andriotis, co-owner of the company, is used to believe in a product that is strongly rooted into the magnificent past of its land preserving tradition and love for the environment and providing the consumer with a high-quality olive oil.

For this reason, Olithea gained last year the D.Y.O. certification proving the production of a high-quality organic and biological product.

Nikos Andriotis couldn’t be more proud of his olive oil so he made a deep research to find the right container for his product. Finally, he has decided to use the Gardi bottle by Bruni Glass.

Gardi is a high-end glass container mostly used for spirits, olive oil or vinegar. It is one of the most appreciated glass shapes among the bottles designed by the Bruni Glass Innovation Center. Practical and easy to handle, Gardi provides a certain elegant touch behind its simplicity and its linear shapes. Olithea fell in love with this bottle just because it is different from all the others. Not a normal olive oil bottle, Gardi is the innovative shape that can help any brand to stand out.