07/10/2020 - Flores da Cunha, Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

The Audrey bottle holds the still and sparkling wine of the prestigious South American winery in style and elegance.

The breathtaking landscapes of the city of Flores da Cunha form a backdrop for Luiz Argenta, the renowned wine-growing company that houses one of Brazil’s most modern and fascinating wineries. Untouched nature embraces an astonishing expanse of vines where visits, guided tastings, walks, grape harvests, pruning and exclusive events can take place. This magnificent location is where the illustrious still and sparkling wines of the LA Jovem line are produced.

Thanks to Luiz Argenta, grape production becomes a unique experience, where inspiration from the past lives in perfect harmony with modernity and innovation. The continuous search for perfection, combined with staggeringly high standards of quality, is also expressed through the packaging used for these products. The beauty of the bottle plays a fundamental role by interpreting the brand’s values perfectly.

Edgar Scortegagna, an oenologist at the Brazilian company, is keen to underline this very aspect: “it is so important for us to choose innovative and unique packaging for our wine. Our brand can also be recognised by the bottles we use. We usually opt for glass with soft, smooth lines that are reminiscent of the surrounding hills, plus a touch of innovation that evokes the modernity of our winery. When consumers see a designer bottle, they think about Luiz Argenta”.

And for packaging design, they think about Bruni Glass. A product of the Bruni Glass Design Award, the Audrey bottle is one of the many glass shapes used by Luiz Argenta for its wine. The innate class and elegance of this packaging is a strong reminder of the style and Italian taste that inspires its products. Browse the gallery to discover the Audrey, Due Fondos, Hector and Altair bottles used for its wine.