The world’s best brandy chooses the Luz bottle

23/04/2020 - Viterbo - Italy

Unmistakable premium packaging by Bruni Glass for world champion “Numa” brandy, official winner at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.  

A successful spirit cannot but choose equally successful packaging. Valle del Marta is an agricultural company in Tarquinia (Viterbo) that has handed down ancient recipes through five generations, recipes that represent almost one hundred and twenty years of traditional local farming history. In the beating heart of the Italian peninsula, on the border between two of the country’s most beautiful and historically rich regions, brothers Mario and Franco Pusceddu translate their passion and enthusiasm for farming into a series of superb quality spirits. Their “Numa” brandy is the result of an ancient distillation method. Only after resting for the twenty-five years required to fully age this spirit is it time to taste what has been declared the world’s best brandy.

We refer to the incredible success achieved during the prestigious World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, held from 13 to 15 March 2020, which saw three Valle del Marta products on the podium with a bronze medal for their “Tarquinia” amaro, a silver for Tarquinia grappa and “Numa” brandy winning the world champion title. This comes not even a year after the first place awarded to Brandy Superbo, another product from this company in Lazio, at the Alambicco d'Oro in 2019, proving that quality and hard work are always rewarded.

Mario Pusceddu, joint owner of the company with his brother, talked to us about the packaging chosen for his premium products: “For the past seven years, we have used the 700 ml Luz bottle by Bruni Glass for many of our products. Thanks to the invaluable assistance received, we have succeeded in developing a project that fully reflects our initial concept. Our spirits, many of which are named after some of the seven kings of Rome, precisely to emphasise their strong links with history, called for a redolent bottle. With its unique design, the simple linear shape of Luz brings to mind classic history, taking us back three thousand years in time and creating a lasting connection with antiquity. The assistance provided by the Bruni Glass sales team for Central and Southern Italy, and in particular by Mirko Mancini and Fausto Proietti was fundamental for this stage."

Chatting with the Pusceddu brothers is like travelling back in time. Their story originated on Poggio Ranocchio, this hill praised in the writings of Pliny the Elder and today the setting for this farming company in Viterbo. History’s first food and wine critic, Pliny was sent on a reconnoitre expedition to the north of Rome by the emperor and he was just one of the many to be greatly impressed by the beauty of Tarquinia port and fascinated by this incredible landscape. This is why we really wanted to thank the Pusceddu family for having proudly taken Italian excellence and tradition out into the world. And the story continues.