the world of Bruni Glass

Bruni Glass is a global leading supplier of high-end special glass bottles and jars for a wide variety of markets: spirits, wine, spumante, beer, gourmet, food products, room fragrances and pharmaceuticals. In addition to standard solutions, Bruni Glass boasts a portfolio of more than 3,000 customised design articles. This bespoke approach is made possible by an international design team, a network of top-quality producers and the client-centric mindset we have had since our beginnings. Our goal: to proactively meet the needs of every client, providing complete assistance from concept to production, in order to create distinctive, unforgettable packaging.
Founded in Italy in 1974, our company is today an integral part of Berlin Packaging, an American multinational that is unlike any other worldwide, a group made up of some of the sector’s top companies.


Glass professionals.
Bruni Glass boasts more than 40 years’ experience in all the sectors that use glass containers and closures, and consolidated relations with the world’s top glass producers.
Big-impact design.
Thanks to our team of expert designers, the Bruni Glass Innovation Center produces customised bottles and jars, developing packaging that highlight our clients’ products and brands and make them stand out from the competition.
Quality that exceeds standards.
Our bottles and jars are systematically tested, inspected and verified for their intended use by the Bruni Glass Quality Control Division, with special attention to industrialisation and initial production of new articles. 
Loyal diversified clients.
Bruni Glass delivers a highly dedicated service to each of its 7,000 clients in Italy and around the world. Our company’s ability to earn our clients’ loyalty is one of our strategic assets.
Strength in numbers.
Belonging to a multinational group is a guarantee of solid finances and it offers clients a wide range of business opportunities and economies of scale for the optimisation of available budgets.


In 1997, Bruni Glass set up the Bruni Glass Design Award, challenging students at the best industrial design universities all over the world to make innovative forms of glass for the different market sectors. The competition is held every two years and includes an 8-month workshop, during which real professionals tutor the students at every stage. Both theoretical and practical, the aim of this training is to transform the aspirations of so many young designers into a real job opportunity. After months of study and experimentation, the designs are turned into real articles and many of the winning products become distinctive elements of leading market brands. All this embodies our company vision that is all about creativity, innovation and enhancement of talent.
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