The largest Hybrid Packging Supplier®
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We are part of the of Berlin Packaging EMEA division, the World’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® in glass, plastic, metal and closures.

With 100+ years in the packaging industry, 1.700+ packaging professionals and a global network of suppliers and warehouses we, as Berlin Packaging, provide amazing packaging and services to our customers all over the world.

The glass offer is the Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass collection, whose commercial brand covers all glass products for this market.


Glass, plastic, metal packaging and closures.

Our business model is designed to make packaging easy for our customers: we can define it, design it, source it, store it, ship it, and provide value added services, always with the objective of increasing our customers' revenue and improving their productivity.

Being a Hybrid Packaging Supplier® means that we are one-stop shop, bringing together the best elements of Design & Innovation, Manufacturing Solutions, and Customer services for the packaging industry.

      • Design & Innovation – We shape the future of packaging

We have two dedicated design hubs that offer the latest and most suitable products by fulfilling any client’s need, this being dedicated customization (decoration, embossing, ad-hoc shapes) or supporting the process of new designs industrialization. Hence, we pride ourselves with first-class quality procedures and control standards, while providing technical assistance throughout the process. 

Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Innovation Center. Based in Milan (Italy) it is the center of excellence for research and development of new design solutions in the world of glass bottles and jars. A widespread culture of innovation focused on the creation of original tailored packaging that stands out on its reference market, anticipating fashions and future trends – like the collection presented in this catalogue.

Studio One Eleven. Based in Chicago (USA) and in Weijchen (The Netherlands) provides world-class package and product design through a unique approach and end-to-end experience, that relies on its long-term know-how in market research and consumer insights, brand strategy and visual branding design, structural packaging design and development, engineering and design-for-manufacturing, custom tooling, and manufacturing integration.

In truth, we proudly state that our full-service design studios work in synergy with our vast supply network to commercialize innovative packaging.

        • Manufacturing Services – We ensure our customers have the exact packaging they need

We constantly scout for the best partners to source top quality glass, plastic, metal packaging and closures, offering more the 40.000 items worldwide and continuously growing through strategic acquisitions. For this reason, we promise our customers exhaustive local presence to fully understand and provide for their specific necessities.

        • Customer Solutions – We take care of our customers

We optimize the storage, management, and shipping of our customers’ products thanks to an extensive distribution network made of more than 130 locations and a first-class inventory management system. Therefore, we offer our customers end-to end supply chain management solutions and customized value-added services.



As a group, we continuously invest in the search for new ideas and talents in the design world. Indeed, part of our glass packaging offer also comes from combining the imagination of young designers with our long-standing knowledge of glass itself and industrial design.

From this partnership we have developed a format that is unique in its kind. Born in 1997, the Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Design Award is a peculiar yet innovative design competition that has challenged hundreds of students, from industrial design universities across the globe, to create innovative packaging shapes for a variety of market sectors.

Through the whole journey we guide students to let them understand the process of designing distinctive items: they are committed in a long-term workshop with our glass design experts, to make their ideas come to reality. Since the most interesting projects often become real products, after a long cooperation between Universities and Companies operating in the packaging sector, we can provide a great variety of innovative shapes to our customers.

Find out more at Bruni Glass Design Award


Sustainability has increasingly become a key factor at international level, with Institutions and financial market playing a crucial role in promoting ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues at all levels. Berlin Packaging, as the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier, embraces the opportunity from this changing global context to become a sustainability enabler for the whole packaging value chain, accelerating the business success of its customers.

In line with the sustainability path undertaken at US level, Berlin Packaging EMEA is at the forefront to provide more sustainable products and fostering circular practices.

We aim to unlock our customers’ full sustainability potential and accelerate their business success.

Sustainability gives us the chance to make our business transformational, creating value for our customers and helping them in facing the emerging trends of the market.