Prototyping is a fundamental service that allows the client to actually see and touch their packaging and assess a project before they invest time and resources in development and relative production. Over recent years, Berlin Packaging has invested in new-gen machinery to take this service to a higher level, fine-tuning a rapid prototyping system that speeds up 3D modelling times, optimises budget and increases the aesthetic result. A strategic ploy that reflects our in-depth knowledge of today's business, where the cost effectiveness of processes and speed of product launch are essential aspects for high market competitiveness.


Berlin Packaging  uses the best printing technologies to make each sample, guiding clients in their choice of the solution best suited to their specific needs. These technologies range from the most standard to the most evolved, for the creation of top-quality models in terms of aesthetics, comparable to the finished article.

// Stereolithography - Aesthetic Resins
Stereolithography is a direct printing technology that makes fast production of high-precision 3D models possible thanks to the use of thin layers of material. This versatile technology is suitable for opaque, clear or hollow models, with top quality and excellent finish.

// Plexiglass
Plexiglas is a material that guarantees superior quality results in terms both of transparency and shine, for a high-impact glass effect.


Our Berlin Packaging Studio One Eleven team works alongside the client at every stage of prototyping. This commitment is not limited purely to the production of samples, but extends to include elaboration of graphic concepts and the many other useful services that enable correct evaluation of the project from an aesthetic, quality, economic and commercial viewpoint. Trial by trial, one sample after another, Berlin Packaging makes prototypes that fully meet our client’s expectations.

// Graphic design
// Moodboards for presentations
// Custom artwork
// Sample decoration
// Realistic mock-ups

// Sample decoration
Berlin Packaging rapid prototyping can also include a UV-printed decoration service that quickly gives clients an accurate idea of the project’s graphic design, allowing them to see the end result before they invest in production.This decoration can be applied to bottles, jars and containers of different shapes and sizes, and also to capsules, caps and other accessories, with continual adaption of the graphics to the various formats selected.

// Colour printing
Colour printing enables graphic effects to be applied to prototypes with 100% coverage or variable percentages of transparency, shading in different colours and simulation of two-sided decoration. Printing can be used on bottles and jars that are cylindrical, shaped with flat sides, slightly convex or have a slightly tapered angle. Combining colour printing with other decorative technologies allows us to achieve big-impact realistic mock-ups.

// Glossy varnish
Glossy varnish is a highly popular finish as it increases the quality level of the decoration, enhancing the packaging image. It can be used either to highlight certain details or to add a gloss effect to the whole of the decorated surface. Another advantage is that it protects the article from wear and tear, abrasion and harm by external agents. 

// Foil application
Foil application is a decorative technology that simulates the hot stamping process greatly requested by companies to increase the overall elegance of their packaging. It can be applied either to all the graphics or just to certain elements, even using different materials together. As well as the traditional gold and silver effects, our Innovation Center can simulate a wide range of colours and finishes to meet the needs of any client.

// Relief effect
The relief effect simulates embossing, namely the customisation of packaging with writing and logos in relief on glass. This technique can generally be applied to containers of different shapes and sizes with a result that is totally in line with the finished product