Thanks to recent acquisitions in various strategic countries, Berlin Packaging is today the world’s leading manufacturer of containers in glass, plastic and metal for all the food sectors and in many other packaging markets. The group has more than 1,300 employees in over 130 branches, and is present in 9 European countries, Norther America, China and South Africa.


Thanks to the union of all its companies, the group guarantees complete, very high levels of specialisation in all areas of packaging. Integrated competences that make the difference and provide the client with a service of excellence.


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Berlin Packaging is the only Hybrid Packaging Supplier® that specialises in the supply of containers and closures in glass, plastic and metal. Every year, the company supplies clients in every sector with billions of articles, together with services ranging from design and planning, financing, and consultancy, to warehousing and logistics. Berlin Packaging delivers the best production, distribution and revenue increasing services. Its mission is to grow clients’ financial results through its products and services.
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Bruni Glass Bruni Glass is the main packaging distributor in Europe, and we have more than 40 years' experience in the supply of special containers in high-quality glass for wine, beer, spirits, oil, vinegar, foodstuffs in general and the home fragrance business. In addition to offering thousands of special customised products and standard articles, our company also has a prestigious design and planning office, a network of top-quality partner producers and a dedicated team providing services of excellence for projects of value. Bruni Glass has its headquarters in Italy, factories throughout Europe and a sales office in China. Our company’s quality systems have independent Italian CISQ-IMQ certification based on ISO 9001 standards.
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Bruni Vincap is an important packaging supplier headquartered in the strategically positioned city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, and it works mainly with clients in northern Europe. The company specialises in closures in plastic, cork and metal for the packaging of food and beverage and pharmaceutical containers.
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Bruni Erben supplies closures, containers and machinery for the bottling and packaging industry. Based in Hadleigh, England, this company boasts solid experience in food and beverage packaging.Through its subsidiary California Capsules, the company manages a series of strategic activities in South Africa and California, as well as online sales of small batches.
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Novio Packaging Group B.V. has been operational on the international market since 1978, supplying standard containers and packaging solutions to a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and household goods. Based in Wijchen, Holland, the company today has about 160 employees throughout northern Europe. Consultancy, innovative solutions and excellent assistance. Novio Packaging Group B.V. can count on solid competences in terms of sustainability, reliable logistics and a vast network right across Europe and Asia.
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Vinkova B.V.
 is an important supplier of food products and drink glass packaging solutions, based in Bussum, the Netherlands.  With more than 50 years of experience, Vinkova offers a huge range of tailored solutions and products to a large customer base on the Dutch market, boasting solid industry know-how and strong relations with some of Europe’s most important glass producers.
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Pentapackaging was founded in Bergamo and started its activity in 2005. The company is active in the packaging market as a distributor of plastic, PET and metal containers for chemical, construction, agricultural, pharma, food and beverage sectors. Pentapackaging works closely with the main European producers in the commercialization of containers for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.


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Repli based in Barcelona is the Spainish leader company in the distribution, sale and manufacture of plastics and metal containers. The company  has been offering high added-value services since its foundation in 1988 and its extensive experience in the sector and his highly qualified team provides the expertise and commitment that meets clients’ container needs. Repli serves a wide range of sectors, including the food, nutrition, pharma, health, personal care, cosmetics and beauty, pets, veterinary medicine, chemicals, coatings, automotive and laboratory industries, among others.